Should Investors Invest in UPS Stock


United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is a company dedicated to the delivery of parcels and packages all around the world. The company is committed to deliver more than 1.1 million packages for the individual customers and 7.7 million consignees per day in more than 220 countries and territories of the world. The company delivered more than 16.3 million pieces in the year 2012 alone. This shows the widespread business and greatest commitment to deliver the packages on time with great ease. The investors are also regarding the business of this company profitable as in the past the company has earned higher revenues with each year passing and has paid higher dividends to its shareholders. The current United Parcel stock price is $97.34 with the average change of -0.04. The 52-week high and low prices of the UPS stock are $105.35 and $81.95, respectively. The average volume of the company’s stock that is being traded in the stock market today is 938,424. The current outstanding shares of the company are 919.34. The total dividend yield is 2.75%, which is quite satisfactory for the investors and shareholders. These statistics definitely highlight the fact that investors should really dig into the UNP for getting higher gains in future.


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