CSX Stock Price Information And Investors’ Securities about the Company

CSX Corporation (CSX) is a company based in Unites States and is primarily engaged in the transportation supply. The company offers the rail-based transportation services to its customers. These services include the traditional rail service, as well as the transportation of the intermodal containers and trailers. The investors consider this company as an emerging business that can hit the market with a greater share and grab the major percentage of sales and profits in the coming period. The investors have therefore started allying with this company so that being as shareholders they could enjoy the fruits this company will be benefitting from itself. The CSX stock price today is $29.12, which changed from the previous day price by an average of 0.52%. The 52-week high and low prices of the company’ stock are $29.44 and $22.40, respectively. The average volume of the CSX stock being traded currently is 1,585,278. The CSX stock price history suggests that the share price has increased by 3 times in the last 5 years period. Currently, the dividend yield is 2.06%, which the investors expect will increase in the prospective future. The outstanding shares at the moment are 1005.39 and total market cap is $29,276.87.


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