Some Of Boeing Strong Results Of Fiscal Year 2014

Boeing is one of the top performing company in the aerospace and defense industry. It recently announced strong results for its first quarter fiscal year 2014. The first quarter’s earnings beat the company’s guidance, as the backlog for the quarter was around $440 billion and the company provided guidance of $90.5 billion. Now considering that, the backlog of the company for first quarter fiscal year 2014 is 8 time higher than the company’s guidance. After the company announced its quarterly result, the BA stock price surged from $128 to $130 after the announcement. Although the BA Stock price is currently changing hands at $128 but it might surge if the company announces share repurchase in near future. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2014, the company’s total net booked commercial airplane orders were 235 and the company’s commercial backlog increased over 5,100 planes that were valued to be around $374 billion. In the top line of the commercial airplanes of Boeing, the backlog is currently 6 times higher. The analysts believe that Boeing is currently positioned in the industry among the most attractive firm across industrial sector. The company’s total debt is currently around $8.9 billion while the marketable securities of the company are totaled to be around $12.2 billion. Meanwhile the company’s CEO believe that the demand for their commercial airplanes will remain positive because the they provide the best and most fuel efficient commercial airplanes in the industry.


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