Delta Airline Performance in the previous quarter.


Delta Airline performance in the previous quarter was quite satisfactory and it beat the analysts estimates as well as company guidance. The main reason behind better performance of the company is the fuel costs that it has been working on to decrease. The company’s overall operating expense or fuel costs were around $2.8 billion that is around 32% of Delta Airline’s total operating expenses. In the current quarter, the fuel prices declined by 3% year over year, and the total consumption of the oil increased by 3%. The average price per gallon was positive and decline by 17% up to $2.97. The decline in the oil costs is just for a while and currently the fuel costs are increasing upwards. The demand for the jet fuel is higher and the supply is lower than the demand that means higher prices for the jet fuel if the supply is less then. Delta Airline has already made plan to reduce its costs for jet fuel. Delta Airline Stock over the last six months has surged from $27 to $36. The company’s crude refinery will help it to reduce its fuel costs and also improve its earnings per share. Delta Airline Stock is a good investment for those who want to invest for long run.


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