The Boeing Company stock

The Boeing Company stock’s worth today is $127.55 having declined by 0.21% since the day prior. Since previous months, many analysts have lost optimism regarding their point of views on Boeing’s earnings, reducing their Q1 2014 estimates by ten percent by decreasing their 2014 and 2015 approximations by 1 percent – 3 percent. Their fourth quarter earnings didn’t get off to the best of starts as the stock has pulled back by 8%.

In order to rectify this and increase the worth of The Boeing Company stock, they are expanding their production so that they may face clear skies ahead. Boeing have already reported that it has delivered 161 airplanes in Q1 2014. However, The Boeing Company stock will be the beneficiary over the fact that their deliveries of the next-gen 737 aircraft and 787 Dreamliner are going very strong. If Boeing cannot increase production without sacrificing their product’s quality, then they are in for turbulent skies ahead. This will also have a negative effect on many smaller companies such as General Electric, United Technologies etc. as they depend heavily on Boeing.

Fortunately, for Boeing they are ranked as one of the most influential airplane manufacturer in the US market and the country depends heavily on Boeing as it proves itself to be a very functional aspect of the economy. News regarding Boeing stakeholders is that it still is the most influential player in its industry despite their past concerns their stock is still a good bet, and may eventually amount to a fruitful yield.


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