Airlines are becoming stronger

The global airlines industry expanded a lot in recent years. Only in 2010 it increased with 12% and generate revenues of more than $501 billion. It is forecasted that the industry will reach a worth of $714 billion in 2015, which would be a 42% growth in five years. When it comes to volume, the industry has grown by 6% in 2010 and reached 2.4 billion passengers. It is a figure that is expected to rise over more than 28% in 2015 and exceed 3 billion.

Demand in domestic markets is representing the leading segment from the global airlines. It accounts for 65% of the whole sector, with the US dominating with a 45% share of the industry. In 2009 there was a sudden decrease in demand with the recession, but after that it surged. The success of other sectors such as leisure and travel contributed a lot for airline travel, especially overseas.

Boeing, as one of the largest companies on the market, had a spectacular increase in share price, reaching from $90 to $130 in several months. Its booming performance has attracted a lot of new capital and currently it is rated as one of the most lucrative companies on the market.


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