Construction, Farm Machinery and Heavy Trucks are Necessary to Power and Move the Service Sector in the United States

The construction industry contributes value through completing giant projects that encompass everything from housing and schools to retail and industry. Roads, civic infrastructure, health care facilities, and churches – the list is endless. Everything that exists must be built.

The economic effects of the work produced by the construction, farming and heavy trucking industries are all encompassing. The industries enjoy a natural synergy because they depend on each other to accomplish their tasks successfully.

Because the health of these particular pieces of commerce impacts the whole economy, a strong showing in these sectors is essential for a healthy economic outlook. The synergy among these particular industries is especially significant, because each produces an item that at least one other uses in its work. It could almost be said that the success of each of these industries would be impaired if they lost the input of one of the other industries listed here. It is fair to say that a good season for one of these industries beneficially impacts at least one of the others in some way.  It is important to view economic stability not in a vacuum, but in a cooperative sense; what is good for one is usually good in some way for another.




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