Delta Airlines, Oldest but Reliable Airlines

Delta Air Lines is world renowned American airline, headquarters located in Georgia. The airline is worldwide famous for its domestic and international network services into six continents. This airline and its subsidiary maneuver around 5,000 flights normally a day and have almost 80,000 employees. Delta Airlines is in short world’s busiest airport by traveler traffic and huge number of takeoffs and landings. Airline is also home to Delta’s mechanical operation hub. This airline is the sixth oldest working airline till now. This airline is operating successfully in United States. Moreover, Delta Airlines is the founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance, Korean Air, Aeromexico and Air France. Till 2011, it was one of the world’s largest airlines in matter of fleet size. The regional services for the Delta airlines are provided by Delta Connection.

Recently, Delta airlines planned to make urgent situation landing as windshield shatters. One of Delta Airlines plane was enforced to make an urgent landing when the windshield of the arena devastated mid flight. The plane was almost 38,000 feet high when the pilot told travelers over the intercom that he need to make an urgent landing. It is highly required. However, there was no lose of cabin pressure occurred that time but one traveler of that flight said, there was a sick passenger in the plan and it was seemed risky and difficult.

However, still DAL Stock rating is better and lies at $38.24 with the constructive change of +0.61 in the market. No doubt, Delta Airlines are still trying to provide best services to their passengers.


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