Cargo services have eased trading on an international level

The industry based on airfreight depends upon the global economy. Some problems that it faces are complications in the structure of supply, spiral costs in addition to tight rules and regulations. These airlines have dedicated themselves to carrying cargo only. They do not transport passengers but may be a subordinate of a passenger flight service. The global network on logistics is vast. A proper logistic eases international trade system. The processing and reposition of articles are completed using logistics. Services include transportation, storage, handling of goods, packaging, communication of information etc. Popular cargo flights are British airways, Lufthansa cargo, China airlines, Singapore airlines, emirates, EVA air and Korean air. There are several subsidiaries including Air India cargo, Asiana cargo, Finnair, Aeroflot etc. Mergers have also been a common activity in case of freights. Fed ex has been consistently topping airfreight list. If you look at the airfreight & logistics – NEC you will notice a 2.31% profit in the last exchange. United Parcels and FedEx as usual have increased by 0.77 and 0.82 points. The company Expeditors lost points and currently is at 43.32. These three have been active throughout the day. Keep track of the points by logging in. The industry is a steadily growing one. More recent news and updates about this industry can be obtained from


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