Current scenario of Airline and defense industry

Aerospace & Defense

The revenue last year had increased almost up to 40 billion USD. This boosted aerospace to a great extent while the defense got a major setback. More than 100 Aerospace & Defense – NEC recorded 500 million USD. The growth rate has been steady at near about 6%. With more production, the industry balanced the poor performance of defense with respect to revenues. A sharp increase of 8.7% from the previous year makes commercial aerospace quite profitable. The defense although dipped about 1.3%. This took place because of cessations and other challenges. Europe seems to have performed a lot better than its U.S. counterparts. The basic supplier growth has outmatched manufacturers of equipment. Only half the contractors of DOD have showed growth whereas the rest have fallen flat. Indeed the mass production strategy worked fine. Current trades indicate Companies like American science; Cubic Corporation, Moog Inc., AeroVironment and VSE corp. have gained whereas Embraer, Triumph, Raytheon, Hexcel and Oshkosh have suffered losses. General Dynamics and Precision cast parts remain active with 0.77% and 0.46% rise in respect. Shares of United technologies and Honeywell have gone down. The entire industry though shows a 0.77% overall rise in market. The flexible nature of the industry makes it unpredictable.



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