Local transportation made easier with regional aviation

The airlines operating on a regional level are referred to as regional airlines in the aviation world. They are generally affiliated to a major service provider and works underneath them. They are excellent options for travels of a short distance. Regional flights have high frequency and render the service of large commuter flights unwanted. Some companies although tend to function on their own. Their flights target a particular community who require such service. Such cases usually appear where aviation is the only link available with a big town. The peninsula airways are the perfect example of such service. Other names include US airways, Pan America, Delta connection, US express, American connection etc. they are based only within USA and don’t operate anywhere else. Similarly European countries possess such regional services. Some are intra-continental which connects specific cities. Transfer system is avoided which is indeed quite advantageous in saving time. The main purpose of such regional transportation is to connect comparatively smaller areas to the main hubs. People can journey to and fro without resorting to hectic flight transfers. The primary problem that concerns regional service is payment of crew. With the increase in flight frequency, the crew automatically increases. Owners are unable to pay them properly. This results in temporary strikes and related problems.


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