Buyback shares: Buyback respect?


Delta Air Line is a well-known American airline. It has a huge network of both domestic and international flights. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. The airline employs 80,000 people and serves six continents. The firm was founded in May 1924 and commenced its operations from June 1929.

Delta Airlines filed for bankruptcy in 2005, however it emerged from its bankruptcy in 2007 and has since made systematic endeavors to boost investor confidence.

One of those endeavors has been its share buyback program through which Delta plans to increase returns for shareholders. The firm has expressed the hope that the said plan would lead to a 50% increase in quarterly dividends. The board of directors of delta have approved this strategy which will be completed by the end of 2016.

The announcement of the plan aimed at satisfying shareholders created the effect it was intended to. The news was followed by the elevation of stocks to $38.64 which is the highest they have ever been after emergence from bankruptcy. Financial analysis of Delta Airlines has also led to the revelation that DAL shares have risen by 39 percent this year. This is an encouraging news for the company.

DAL stock price has since increased to 37.67 as of now. This a profound increase from its stock price of 9.99 at the end of 2012. The stock graphs are also on the rise which show that Delta’s buyback plan has started to work.


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