The Boeing Company: Navy saves the day?

The Boeing Company is an American multinational which accounts for being the US’ largest exporter by dollar value. It is engaged in the production and selling of various airplanes, rockets and satellites. It is the largest aircraft producer in the world and also the world’s second largest aerospace & defense contractor.

Recently, the company has negotiated a multibillion dollar deal with the US Navy which has profoundly elevated its fortunes. The contract would allow for provision of aircrafts and other supplies to the Navy by The Boeing Company. Information provided by Reuters has shown that this major contract includes the transmission of 47 fighter jets and electronic attack planes from the Boeing Company to the Navy. Such a massive contract would be a breakthrough for the Boeing Company as it would gain billions of dollars following the successful delivery of its orders to the US Navy. A top company executive at Boeing has confirmed that the firm is very close to finalizing the deal.

The agreement is a huge growth for the Boeing Company and its projected financial condition including profitability has highly elevated. This has led to an increase in confidence of the investors as shown by a growing trends in the stock charts. The stock price have now risen to 131.10, whereas it was 76.55 at the beginning of 2013, indicating a marked difference. The price per share is 53 cents. Once the deal is officially finalized, these figures are expected to rise further.


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