About Us

BidnessEtc.com is a revolutionary new platform that makes finance available to non-finance trained people with thorough yet simple-to-understand analyses of news and US stocks. Their coverage includes companies in all the sectors of the US economies.
The Industrials portal on the website covers companies within the sector, large and small. It aims to present analysis with the help of sharp graphics and a visual design that makes the information easily understandable and interesting to casual readers and investors of all ages.
The Industrials aims to cover news that is moving the stock prices for the companies in the sector along with detailed analysis on the companies and many of the sub-industries that are its components.
The platform provides detailed analysis under the headings of:
Investment 411 – This includes an in-depth analysis of companies, and what moves their stocks. It aims to present information relevant to making investment decisions on the stock over a short or long period.
Dividends – The Dividends section identifies companies most favored by investors looking for safe dividend paying stocks. It also looks to identify the ability of the companies to maintain their dividends, and whether they present any risks to investors.
Industry – The Industry section provides a complete analysis of the various companies within the sector. It identifies various companies and competitors with the industry and how they stack up against each other. The aim is to provide all relevant information that could move an industry in one direction or the other.
BidnessEtc.com is a comprehensive one-stop information resource not just for professional investors but also for retail investors, students, and other casual observers of the market looking to invest and get a better understanding of what moves industries, companies, and the overall markets.



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